In my opinion, no.

Some grandparents are under the impression that if they are granted a contact order that it is the answer to everything, nothing could be further from the truth.

As with non resident parents the same is true, it is just a piece of paper nothing more.

More often than not, the parent who is denying the right of  the children a loving and caring relationship with grandparents will totally ignore the order. They are acutely aware that the court will very rarely hold them to account for breach of an order, and so it is back to square one.

There are some organisations that will encourage grandparents down the legal route, they will also be most helpful in suggesting a list of lawyers that are just waiting for you to contact them.

This is usually because they are paid by firms of lawyers to advertise on their websites and literature.

They are not doing you a favour it is all about business.

I can not tell you how upsetting it is to speak to grandparents who have spent months, paid out thousands of pounds and gone through the court process only to find that the justice system has let them down.

They are left totally broken, so no a contact order is not worth the paper it is written on.