It seems that everyday over the last few months, the radio, TV and papers are full of horrific tragedies happening all over the world.

I am sure just like me, your heart breaks and tears are shed for everyone who is going through the unthinkable.

I was so moved yesterday to see the photo of  children preparing to go back to school.

Nothing strange about that at all, except these children are a light shining through the most awful darkness.

Peshawar, lost 132 children in the most terrible of ways, the pain of families came pouring into our living rooms, a feeling of utter horror and helplessness engulfs as all.

When we are faced with sadness and heartbreak ,be it on a global or personal level how can we work through it all?

Everyone will have their own strategies they use to help them through.

I have often written about the different ways we can be positive, but for now remembering the look of sheer determination on the faces of innocent children as they head back to school will certainly carry me through.

If children who have experienced such devastation can live in hope, so can I.