I read this quote today and it is so powerful and so true.

“One day you will realise the damage you have caused , what is worse your child will know the damage you have caused.”

When a parent decides to alienate a member of the family, they are causing in some cases life long damage.

Children are left with no self esteem, no self confidence and believe that the adults in their life have let them down, which indeed they have.

Being a parent brings with it responsibilities to care and love your children first and foremost. Everything you do should be about your children and their needs.

Sadly as we know when a family breakdown occurs any thought for the children gets forgotten and it is all about control and power using the children as weapons, in an adult battle.

Often grandparents will tell me that they are concerned about the children, about their welfare. I hear of children suffering neglect in the most horrendous of ways, of children not being fed properly, of children finding only alcohol in cupboards, cruelty of the worse kind.

We would expect the authorities who are in place to protect our children to do all they can to investigate these incidents but from my experience quite the opposite is happening. Over and over again they get taken in by the very plausible  perpetrators, allowing them to continue with their abuse of these children.

Children who have ‘escaped’ their ‘captors’ talk about their total mistrust in adults. They ask questions like,” Why didn’t anyone help me, why didn’t anyone listen to me?” That makes me feel so ashamed. That the voices of these children are not heard.

These are the children who have been strong enough to survive this neglect, what on earth is happening to those still going through their own personal hell?

Are they going to be tomorrows headline?