In a recent blog you will have read my concerns on the BIG announcement from CAFCASS and it seems I was correct.

Often when I vent my feelings and thoughts I am not too sure if I am right or if it is just my personal opinion, but this time the announcement seemed to be condemned from all sources, except a few.

Here is a link to just one article

The headline in last weeks Guardian sent shock waves everywhere.

Of course it is so easy to blame the journalist, particularly when we live in a society that does trials by media.

In all of this controversy,  headlines that appear to say that if the resident parent doesn’t do the ‘pathway’ therapy, whatever that is, that the children will be removed from them.

Any child reading those headlines must have been terrified.

Yes, it is adults who cause PA, yes it is adults who make wrong choices, yes it is adults who are not well who dictate PA, BUT what about the children.

Professionals and the law are there to protect and safe guard our young people, but this is anything but putting the children first.

I think it is true to say that CAFCASS and many others, actually don’t have clue how to deal with the epidemic of PA that is engulfing millions of children in the UK.

There isn’t a one size fits all.

Every group, organisation and charity involved in any way have to wake up and start thinking of the children. Not about who did what to whom, who has a political point to score, who can make a living out of PA but the disaster that is facing a whole generation of children.

Is it any wonder at all that our young people are dealing with mental health issues, children saying that they feel that no one loves or cares for them.

All of us whoever we are have a responsibility to these young people to grow up.

Stop the infighting of organisations and work together for a common aim, to   PUT  THE  CHILDREN  FIRST.