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This week has seen a focus on mental health, Family Courts and body image.

It has been great to see and hear people talking openly and honestly about their mental health, 1 in 4 of us will experience issues with our own mental health, and it is so important that we break down the barriers, never suffer in silence.

There are many options out there for you to get help and support counselling, CBT or joining a support group, find which works for you.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.

If anyone would like to share their own story in a blog here let me know.

The Family Court has been yet again under scrutiny and the secret way it works.

Victoria Derbyshire has done features on how children are spending contact time with an abusive parent, as directed by the Family Court. This is clearly totally unacceptable which ever way you think about it.

Sadly it opened the gates of feminist activists to jumpĀ  onboard portraying all men as bad and dangerous.

We have to stop getting hung up on gender, domestic abuse, coercion, alienation is nothing to do with gender, both men and women can be perpetrators, the important thing is the effect on the children.

I know that those of you who are feminists always get annoyed when I write about this, what I would say is think about what you think feminism is?

Feminism and equality are not the same thing.

I am a believer in equality but I am not and never have been a feminist.

In my family there are many males and I will always defend them and stand up for them.

Over recent years the male role model has changed beyond belief, and I worry for my young grandsons as to where they fit in todays world.

Adverts and posters more often than not portray men towering over women in a threatening manner.

It is unacceptable regardless of gender.

One of the focuses during this mental health week has been body image, and again it is not just girls who suffer from low self esteem.

Social media is forever saying and showing ‘perfect’ photos, filters ect are used, not real life.

We have to learn to love ourselves for how we are, it is our uniqueness that makes us, us.

I know it is hard I was bullied at school like thousands of others about the way I looked, but at least I didn’t have social media as a contributor or so called friends writing about me via their Instagram or Twitter accounts.

I was thinking what all these subjects have in common.

Every single one of us are carrying all sorts of baggage, many of us suffer in silence and find it hard to speak up.

Whatever we are going through, whatever we feel strong about we need to be us, to speak up when we feel there is an injustice.

You are all valued, you are all important and you all have a right to live your life to the full.



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