World Health Organisation recognises Parental Alienation

Last week The World Health Organisation recognised Parental Alienation.

“ICD-11 Includes Parental Alienation Numerous, members of

PASG helped bring about this recognition.

By William Bernet, M.D., President, Parental Alienation Study Group

FOR THE FIRST TIME, the term “parental alienation” is included in the new edition of the International

Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). Parental alienation is not a separate diagnosis in ICD-11, but is

considered a synonym or an index term for a specific diagnosis, that is, caregiver-child relationship

problem (QE52.0). The final version of ICD-11 is freely available on the Internet at

Go to that link and then to “ICD Browser.” You can easily search for “parental alienation” and “parental

estrangement.” Both terms are recognized because they are in the Index of the three-volume set of

ICD-11. Both terms take the reader to the diagnosis of caregiver-child relationship problem. That is

what ICD personnel have been telling us for more than a year, that is, that alienation and estrangement

are considered “index terms” for caregiver-child relationship problem. We knew all along that parental

alienation would not be a separate diagnosis, but was considered an alternative term for caregiver-child

relationship problem. If you ask me, I think it is correct to say, “Parental alienation is in ICD-11.” Also,

“PA is considered another name for caregiver-child relationship problem.” Also, “ICD-11 recognizes the

reality of PA,” and so on.

Even though there was enormous opposition from women’s rights groups ect the WHO decided that they would not agree with them.

I was asked today,

Why are women’s rights groups opposed to this?

On the face of it, it does seem ridiculous, but I know over the last 12 years, whenever we do anything with the media or government, the women’s rights group shout us down.

They are a very powerful lobby of people.

These groups always try to make it all about how bad men are, that they are dangerous, they have always said that Parental Alienation is a weapon used by men against women. That PA is not real.

Parental Alienation is a mental health issue, and now that the WHO have accepted it, it will have to be taken seriously.

I assume that those in government are acutely aware that if they go against these powerful female lobbyist they would get accused of sexism and inequality.

The tide is beginning to change, equality is just that, treating everyone as an equal, gender should no longer be part of the discussion.

All charities who purport to be there to support children the NSPCC, The National Children’s Bureau,The Children’s Society, Childline and The Children’s Commission must now accept Parental Alienation and the emotional abuse is causes children.



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