Women the gentle sex?

As a woman I can say, hogwash. Some of the most violent, aggressive people I have come across are female.

You may be thinking why on earth am I going to write a blog on this subject, well, partly because it is my blog and my personal views as I see things, plus although we support grandparents,  many find themselves estranged from their grandchildren as a result of a sons separation or divorce, and so they know only too well how the females in the scenario behave.

There is this image that is portrayed in particular by the media that men are the ones who are bad people, that in Domestic Violence cases it is them who are the perpetrators, and of course in some cases they are, but women are also perpetrators.

Women can be as violent as men, in fact when I look back to my youth, it was the girls that were often the bullies.

They still are today.

Amongst ‘friends’ when growing up, the girls were evil, they would gang up on someone and make their lives a total misery. They appeared to get some sort of vindictive pleasure out of it.

I remember one incident when I was walking along the high street and a group of teenage girls were walking towards me, when they suddenly set on me, hit me and then threw me over the bonnet of a car. It was completely unprovoked.

Of course either sex is capable of the most awful atrocities, equally unacceptable.

What I am saying is that we have to get away from the assumption that anything is gender specific, men and women can both carry out violence and degrading offenses.

True equality is just that, treating everyone equally.

Women must accept that abuse is being carried out everyday by the ‘gentle sex’ and we should all be working to together to acknowledge it is not gender specific.

Things are changing slowly with the perseverance of groups such as http://www.genderfreedv.co.uk/  breakthroughs are happening. Working with Police across the UK there is now a better understanding of Domestic Violence in all its forms but it is till work in progress.

So to the mum who I witnessed recently verbally abusing her son, needs to know that when he grows up he will think it is OK to treat people that way, after all his mum always yelled at him. So swearing, screaming and throwing things at someone else is the way it is.

The cycle has to be broken.

It is almost generally accepted that if anyone writes articles or blogs like this one that the real aggression in women is shown in its true colours, just look at social media and comments. The most vile ones are often from women.

Women fought hard for equality and it was and still is necessary but equality and feminism is not the same thing at all.

For me feminism has caused enormous damage, boys and men have no idea what their role is in life anymore. Listen to a group of women talking about the men in their lives and I suspect it will be disparaging in every way. I worked with a predominately female workforce, and things I heard make me ashamed of being a women.

Even in the media you will hear male presenters saying stuff  almost self deprecating. As though they are in some way a lesser person than the women.

No-one is lesser or better than anyone else, we are all of equal value.

We come into this world with nothing and we leave this world with nothing, so it is up to all of us to show each other respect whilst we are on this earth.

I am not a feminist I never was and never will be.

I believe in everyone being treated equally and everyone to be given the same opportunities as each other.






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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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