Why would you go to court?

I am amazed of how many grandparents are going to court to try and obtain contact with their grandchildren, and I have to ask why would you go to court?

Of course it is a personal decision.

One website I visit is full of grandparents putting themselves through the stress and  trauma of court hearings, of course when you find yourself being estranged and alienated from your grandchildren, you do think, “OK, see you in court then.” I did, but not for long.

Grandparents feel it is the only option open to them, and I completely understand that, but who is encouraging them down this route.

Could it be organisations who receive money for advertising lawyers on their websites, or is it just groups who don’t really know the facts?

At a time when charities are finding it increasingly difficult to raise funds it does seem to be an obvious way for them to raise much needed cash,  one forum states in its description that Judges are now much more likely to grant an order. Maybe they are right, but I haven’t noticed it myself. Where is the evidence?

The sad thing is that it targets people when they are so vulnerable, members seem to almost champion it.

The reality is that even, if an order is granted it doesn’t mean that it will be adhered to. More often than not, the alienating parent won’t turn up at the agreed time and place, or they make excuses for the visit not to go ahead, over and over again. So it’s back to court.

Grandparents  once again feel rejected, at a loss to know where to turn. I know I listen to the end result too many times, grandparents who have spent thousands of pounds going to court only to be let down by a system that doesn’t work.

Before someone says, that it doesn’t have to be expensive because you can represent yourself, indeed you can. You must be in a place where you feel strong and able to put yourself through the process.

It is not only the financial cost, more importantly it is the emotional cost that must be considered carefully.

Anyone who is considering the legal route, please get good advice before embarking on this journey.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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