Why it matters.

Words and phraseology really do matter.

In a world where we read straplines, the first sentence of blogs, a headline, or we just scan an article and assume we know what it is about, it does matter.

The danger of course is that actually we haven’t read the complete story, so we are quick to judge, quick to comment under posts without investigating further.

Those of you who have followed us for a long time will know what we stand for, or at least I would hope so!

BGSG is not about Grandparents Rights.

It doesn’t seem to matter how often we point this out it still is the perception, that people have about us.

Maybe it would be helpful to explain, again, why that is our ethos.

Over many years, many organisations did base their ‘campaigns’ on Grandparents Rights, the right of grandparents to have contact with their grandchildren.

In my view it got nowhere.

Whether we like it or not, as I have said so many times, grandparents can’t have rights over and above parents.

Millions of parents are denied contact with their children and are suffering from alienation from their own children. To believe that parents have an automatic right to see their children is to say the least naive. Parental Alienation, now recognised by the World Health Organisation is one of our societies biggest problems, children are being brainwashed to reject one of their parents, believing they are bad people.

So to suggest that grandparents should be given rights, while we have parents fighting to see their children, is just wrong.

Be it parents or grandparents the people who are unable to use their voices are the children, it is them who we should be ‘campaigning’ for.

I often receive many petitions that are asking for grandparents rights, and I can’t support them for the reasons I have set out.

I get criticised for it.

Obviously anyone who wants to go down that well trodden route is entitled to do so, it is just not what BGSG stand for.

In a perfect world the word ‘rights’ should be replaced by the word ‘responsibility,’ you can’t have one without the other.

We can see for ourselves how fractured families affects every family member from the youngest to the elders, family members determined to control and to destroy.

All groups across the UK and beyond need to come together, need to put their differences to one side and be working in one voice, that is the voice of the children.

Too many egos are getting in the way, groups almost competing with one another, some badmouthing one another, confidentiality going out the window, total lack of respect for one another.

If we are speaking up for children we all need to take responsibility for our behaviour.

We need to be good examples.

Children have been let down by the adults in their lives over and over again, we need to show them that not all adults are like that, we are to be trusted and we won’t let them down.

It is by our own actions we can do this.

Time to put differences to one side and focus on the children/grandchildren.


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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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