Where is God?

This week I was talking to a grandparent who was very distressed not only about her own heartbreak but of that of her son, they were all going through a very difficult time, and as always in the middle was a child.

Every grandparent I speak to is suffering the same living bereavement, and I replay our phone conversations over and over again, each one although similar they are also unique .

After speaking to this grandmother for over an hour she said something that made me hold my breath, she said,

I am a religious person and I pray all the time, but experiencing the evil of alienation I ask myself, where is God?

Those three words are so powerful, and you don’t have to be a religious person to understand how broken this lady was and is.

Whatever your beliefs, if you believe that there is a stronger force somewhere, to have your faith rocked like that is so sad.

I put the phone down and just sat for a long time thinking about what she had said.

We will all have our own opinion on this.

I consider myself to have a faith of trying to live a Christian life, I too have often wondered the same thing, how can a spiritual being allow such hurt to happen?

I am certainly no theologist, so I am sure someone out there will have a very clever and thought provoking answer.

For me, it isn’t about why can God not put these injustices right.

As humans we are given free will, it is humans who all too often make the wrong decision, it is human beings who feel the need to hurt and cause pain to others, in the case of denying contact it is humans who use children to get back at someone else, it is humans who cause emotional harm to these children. It is adult humans who can not put children first.

Faith is for me, about hanging on to something or someone who can hold you up in those darkest of times, a someone or something that walks by your side.

Someone who lets you know you are not alone.

When you are sitting quietly today, be that in prayer, meditation or whatever you do to have that moment, give a thought to those who feel they are losing their faith.

Faith is to have complete confidence in someone or something, to trust, to believe, to have reliance. That someone or something is there, we just need to look bit deeper.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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