When will it be my turn?

The most wonderful thing for me is hearing of grandchildren being reunited with their grandparents.

It is such a privilege to be part of their joy.

It is difficult to know if others want to hear these stories, when they are still facing the devastation of being denied contact with their grandchildren.

Some grandparents love to hear the good stories, as it gives them hope, but others find it almost impossible to read them.

I completely understand both.

For me personally and I can only speak for myself, is this.

Over 11 years I have been fortunate enough to hear first hand of reconciliations, and I can not tell you how wonderful it is to hear a grandparent who you have been supporting, during such a dark time in their lives, to then hear them crying on the end of the phone but different tears.

The other side for me is putting the phone down, and  thinking to myself, “Will this happen to me” I even wrote a poem a long time ago when I was feeling that way.

When will it be my turn?

The phone rings ,it rings and rings,

‘Hello, how are you, what did you say?’

Oh that’s fantastic news, how did it happen,

He asked you to be his friend on Facebook ,you accepted,

He said he thought you had forgotten him,

He was told that you didn’t care,

But you have always been waiting there.

I smile and cry along with you,

Its been a good year for lost ones being found,

It is why I do what I do , we hope together,

We support each other, we fight,

And speak to those we think can make a difference.

Inside I cry out loud ,who is listening to me,

When will it be my turn, when will I make someone’s phone ring,

And say, ‘Hello, it’s happened?’

When, oh when.

© (Rights Reserved-Jane Jackson)

Everyone is different and as I say there will be those who just find it too hard, but what I will say is, it can and it does happen, so never, ever give up that hope.


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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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