What you mean to us.

I asked grandparents for a word or a phrase when thinking of their grandchildren, and I have put them into a poem.

An outpouring of raw emotions, and total love for their grandchildren.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.

What you mean to us.

Through the days and nights you are in my heart

With every beat, you are there

Memories never to be made.

Now a great gap in time, lost forever never to be regained.

So pointless, so sad, so empty.

My wish, if I only had one day, one day you weren’t so far away, so distant,

Mama, is waiting to hold you in her arms,

We would grab every moment together, making memories.

No matter how far apart, the bond is forever strong, until we are reunited again.

I will and do love you forever, I think of you often

Not in my life, but always in my heart,

You are in the bones of me, although we are apart

Losing you has been so unfair, if only I could tell you how I care.

I remember when life was such a happy place,

Seeing you every weekend, now you are missing,

It doesn’t feel the same.

Your sunny smiles fill my heart forever,

You are my hearts delight, the person in my family that seems to appreciate me.

You will always be cared for and loved and part of our family,

Even just at the moment you can not see.

I cherish every single day we have, but am fearful it could be taken away,

Just a wrong word, a wrong look.

I will love you forever

                                   Can’t wait for the day that you decide,

“One day, my friend, one day.”

Miracles do happen, hang on to hope.

© Jane Jackson





About Jane

Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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