We will never forget them.

Today on August 15th 70 years ago the guns and bombs fell silent as there was cessation of war, today we commemorate Victory in Japan, years of hell were finally over and there was liberation for many.

Our generation and our grandchildren’s generation have never had to endure such horrific years, and I pray they never do.

Listening to the sermon during the service this morning once again that word, forgiveness, was uttered over and over again.

Service personnel, able to forgive the horrors they had to face, forgive but never forget.

When asked how they had be able to survive the beatings and torture they had received one soldier said that he looked deep into the eyes of the perpetrator and saw cold hatred but behind that he remembered this person was once a child, a child is not born to hate.

Conflict of any sort is destructive, hate is not a natural emotion it is taught and learnt behaviour, it causes suffering and pain to others.

Could it be that we must listen to examples such as these when dealing with family conflict?

There is no comparison of course but can we think about people who are causing us such sadness, as the children they all once were. Children who  were loved, children who did no harm to anyone.

Things happen to each and every one of us and mould us into the adults we have become, but we were all just children.

Watching the great grandchildren of servicemen and women light candles today, the light of hope, the adults of the future.

We must never give up hope and we must never forget.




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