We are here to help all grandparents

I often say that we are the experts in estrangement/alienation, and we are.

Unless you have experienced the heartbreak of this ‘living bereavement’ you have no idea at all how it feels.

That has all changed over the past few weeks, and will no doubt continue for many weeks to come.

Articles are beginning to be written by grandparents who are finding this isolation unbearable.

I know many of us, can get quite annoyed, and say things like, ‘well at least they can use technology, to keep a connection, try it when you can’t even do that!’

Of course I understand how many are reacting this way, but it would be great if we could actually use our own personal experiences to support and help all grandparents who are feeling so sad.

If we learn anything from this pandemic, and the lockdown that we are all adhering too, I would hope it would to be kind to one another.

Bristol Grandparents Support Group are already receiving calls and emails from grandparents who are now asking for our support.

This is most certainly not the time to be unresponsive, to people who are finding this so difficult.

Each and everyone of us, are able to hold out a hand of friendship and to perhaps help these grandparents, we can suggest practical things, such as memory boxes, writing a journal, this will one day be history, and we are witnessing something that has never been seen in our life time, all grandchildren and future generations will want to know how it felt and how we faced this difficulty.

Of course, these grandparents will be able to see their grandchildren when we come out the other side, but hopefully we will all have been able to help them.

This is all about doing something for the greater good, and being selfless.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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