Under curfew

It seems over the last few weeks there have been so many things to talk about, most subjects are contentious to many. So before I write anything, these are just my views and not meant to upset or offend anyone.

Of course there was the big ‘interview’ I think you know the one I mean, and we will all have our views on it.

The truth is that we will never actually know the truth, there are only a small number of people within the Royal family who do know what actually went on.

Things that were said will have resonated with most of us, an estranged father, denied contact with his grandchild, a family being cut out of lives, whoever is involved with this, it is a family that has broken apart, it feels like there was a lack of communication, and an element of power and control.

For me it is the sadness of the whole picture, a broken family.

I still have one question that I don’t understand above all else, why?

Why did they decide to do the interview, for a couple who wanted privacy, why on earth would you agree to do it?

What were they looking to gain?

In reality only they know the answer.

Then we had all the social media viciousness around the debate of whether Parental Alienation should be included in the Domestic Abuse Bill, reading the comments and posts from hundreds of people, I despaired. Yet again the world of Parental Alienation is a toxic place, and frankly not a place I want to be.

We then hear of the tragic death of Sarah Everard, a young women walking home taken so cruelly. My thoughts go out to her family and friends.

What followed was extraordinary.

A vigil for Sarah, turned into something far from a peaceful, far from a moment of thought and reflection.

I know there are strong views on both sides of this.

How can I express my view without inciting the usual vitriol of extremists?

The same extremists who would have us all believe that all men are bad and abusers.

The finishing point for me was the post on social media saying that there should be a call for ALL men to be under curfew from 6pm every night!

Sorry, but I couldn’t be silent any longer.

What is this country turning into, if we say half the population need to be under curfew, frankly not a country I want to associate myself with.

Being a women , as I am, I have also accounted inappropriate behaviour by some unpleasant men, I was often followed home from youth club. in my teens, and I am not saying it is right, or that we should just accept it.

I am saying that, you can not tar everyone with the same brush, most of my family are men and for years now, due to radical feminists views they don’t know what their role is anymore. Our grandsons are growing up in a world that says they can’t be trusted, how will that help their mental health.

When a young man came home this week, he asked his Mum if he was going to have to stay in every evening as women hated him.

We must be extremely careful how this is dealt with, I find it terrifying.

A celebrity Mum of sons, dared to post on Twitter, supporting the men in her life asking the question, what about my boys, and I have never seen such offensive and disgusting responses.

I taught PSHE, Personal Social and Health Education, and we discussed at length relationships and taught about mutual respect, once again gender is getting in the way.  All children  should be taught about respect for each other and learn from good role models be that Mum and Dad.

If you can tell I am furious, you would be right.

For all the men in my life, thank you.

Thank you for always being supportive, for caring,

There has always been, and sadly always will be, a small percentage of bad women and bad men in this world, but we can not put the vast majority of good women and good men in the same place as the evil ones.

Whatever happened to this country.



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