To stop hoping.

The ethos of BGSG has always been to never give up hope.

For those grandparents who hung on to that belief and who have been reconciled will say that they remember what we said, and that in their case it was true.

Of course when you are into your 11th year and more  of being apart from a loved one, that small word hope, seems to be disappearing into the distance. It seems to be a fanciful word, that will actually never come true.

When I look at my life, being hopeful about all sorts of things is imperative, a life without hope is not where I want to be.

If we have no hope we become hopeless.

If we think a bit deeper about hope, actually it is a feeling that colours all our lives, it could be we are looking forward to the Spring, looking forward to meeting up with friends, looking forward to things being better.

Looking forward in its own way is all about hope.

Every single person reading this blog, will have their own personal battles they are facing, health issues, worrying about a loved one, worrying were the next penny is coming from ect. Life is not easy, we get knocked back often. Sometimes we become so burdened that we have no idea how we can carry on, but we do.

Whether you have faith or not, just when we are at our lowest ebb, just when we can take no more, something or someone helps us up and walks along side us. Steering us in a straight line, just keeping a watchful eye on us.

A grandparent several years ago bought me a cushioned heart with the word hope embroidered on it, it hangs on my wardrobe doorknob, and it is the first thing I see every morning.

So I will continue to hope.

I will hope that my granddaughter is happy and safe, I hope that my family will one day be able to embrace her and to tell her that she was always in our hearts and that she will be able to build up a loving and caring relationship with her Dad.

I hope that grandparents who are feeling hopeless will be able to find peace in their lives and to be able to rekindle their hope for their lives and for those around them.

Sometimes when we feel hopeless is the very time that we find  an inner strength we didn’t know we had, however dark it may be at this moment remember light always follows.





So, never give up hope.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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