Time for women to speak up.

As a female I am sick and tired of the constant pre-conceived ideas amongst  many professionals that men are freckles, dangerous and a risk to children.

The feminist brigade would have us believe that mums are the ones who are loving, caring and protect their children, it is often not the case, but the reverse.

Children are told that they need to keep away from Dad because he might hurt them and doesn’t care or love them.

Social Services also look at men with suspicion, Domestic Abuse training will rarely have time to discuss how women can be perpetrators.

As I have written before, when I was working and attended a DA training session and Child Protection, it was two hours of warnings about men. When I asked about male victims the reply was, that if men say they are victims of abuse they have probably asked for it.

Women can be just as abusive as men.

They are very skilled in belittling, controlling friendships,control over finance and  that is just the beginning. After perfecting the appalling stripping of any self worth of their menfolk they move on to physical abuse.

The gentler sex they most certainly are not.

Throwing objects, slapping, biting to name but a few, is the next stage.

I am ashamed to be a women sometimes, and my heart breaks to know of these atrocious acts.

Will these mothers then turn on their sons?

Will they teach them that they are worthless?

Abusive women will and do teach their daughters that men need to be controlled.

The media don’t help, often bowing down to their women, making remarks that are negative about men. That is male and female presenters.

I know from my working life, I worked in a mainly female workforce, and the conversations during break times, was just dreadful. They would make fun of their men folk and degrade them. Shocking. In the next breath they would be teaching pupils about equality, not ever mentioning men.

Domestic Abuse is outrageous in all its forms regardless of who is carrying it out.

As women we must not go along with this, it is up to us to remind people, when we hear comments by women that portray men as useless and dangerous, to confront them.

Men, women, boys and girls must be treated with respect equally.

That is what equality means.

Think carefully how you treat the men in your lives, your husbands, your sons don’t tell them to ‘man up’ or the delightful phrase of ‘get some ……’

If a male talks to you about an abusive relationship, listen don’t judge.





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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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