This is for the children apart from a parent.

Bristol Grandparents Support Group was set up to support grandparents who are apart from their grandchildren, due to family breakdown, the ethos of the group is the rights of grandchildren, we are trying to be a voice for  them.

Of course it is not only grandparents who find themselves estranged from the children, many, many thousands of Mums and Dads are going though the agonies of not seeing their children.

I watched a video this morning of a Dad who tells is story by holding up pieces of paper, one by one his messages of desperation should not be ignored.

The pain in this fathers eyes is plain to see, his overriding concern is that his little girls will think he doesn’t love them anymore.

So this particular blog is for the children.

Whatever you may have been told, your Dad/Mum still loves you, just as they did when they had their first glimpse of you as you appeared in this world.

It was their arms that you snuggled down in and felt safe, it was their eyes that filled with tears at the wonder of you, they who would have gone to the end of the world and back just to see your smile.

You were and still are the first thing they think about when they open their eyes in the morning and it is you they think about as they close their eyes at night.

It is your Dad/Mum who watch over children playing with both their parents in the park, watching them kicking footballs, steadying  new riders with their hands on their bikes, sharing  an ice-cream at the sea side.

They have tried everything to make things right, to put their differences with your other parent to one side, because you are the most important person, but someone is not listening, someone is not putting your needs first.

When we grow up, things happen in our lives, people change for all sorts of reasons, people we used to get on with we fall out with, just like you fall out with some of your friends the difference is that you, are wiser than some adults. You realise that you can talk to each other to sort out your differences, and you may not agree completely with your friend, but you value their thoughts and opinions so you agree to disagree. Sadly some adults can’t seem to do that.

We all understand that you are in an impossible place, you love both of your parents, but it is just too difficult at the moment. You have your life to lead, unhindered by adults and cross words, it is all too confusing.

We are the adults, it is down to us to put you first.

If for whatever reason that is just not going to happen at the moment, remember this, both your parents love you, more than words can say.

Stupid stuff gets in the way.

A parent that you are not able to see just now, has never stopped loving you and they never will. They will always be here for you, just waiting with their arms open wide, no questions, no answers just to be.

Your Dad and Mum will always be your Dad and Mum, no-one can ever change that, you are a person who was created by love, that love will see you through until you can be together again.







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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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