The World of Alienation

There are so many different scenarios that can find alienation taking place.

As grandparents we know only too well the affect grandparental alienation has on all of us, the thought that our grandchildren have been told terrible things about us, have been told we don’t care about them or don’t love them anymore is intolerable. Systematically being erased from their lives.

For parents who find themselves being alienated it is crippling.

The past weekend was Father’s Day and so the focus was about the many hundreds of thousands, probably millions now,  of Dads who face alienation on a daily basis. The papers were full of articles on family breakdown and the terrible consequences of alienation, Dads having to fight in court, in bitter divorce cases, almost losing everything including their children. Then the ‘stunts’ of a Fathers Rights group, that in my opinion did Dads no good at all.

Of course days such as Father’s Day brings alienation into the public eye, it also brings out the worst in people, a time where social media shows its dark side.

An innocent tweet on Twitter, from a Mums group, got blasted by men, yes, trolls no doubt, but nevertheless shows what an emotive subject alienation is.

What we must not forget is that alienation happens to Mums as well as Dads, and it should be a time for everyone to come together for the sake of the children.

If Mums and Dads start lowering themselves to the level of the alienators,  who is the better person?

It is not a place where some suffer more than others, everyone suffers equally but the children are the victims here, not the adults.

For either parent to have the most precious person in their lives ripped away from them, is impossible to describe unless you are one of them.

Those children were conceived by two people who loved one another, things happen in all our lives to change the course and direction we thought we were going in, but there is no excuse, for either parent to attempt to destroy what was once a precious thing.

So when we talk about alienation remember Mums and Dads suffer equally, support each other not inflict more pain. As a united front, showing solidarity, all working together for the children, has to be the way forward.

In alienation there are never any winners, and the children suffer the most.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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