The vile world of alienation

This week saw the publication of a new study/report from Parental Alienation UK, the report can be found , in my view it is the most important study that we have seen for a very long time.

It not only covers Parental Alienation but Alienation from the wider family.

I was contacted by Jan James over 12 months ago, and as you might expect many people and organisations contact BGSG, and I have to admit I am very cynical with most. I have had my fingers burnt so many times in this destructive world of estrangement and alienation.

It wasn’t long during our conversation that I noticed that Jan was using the same language that I have been using for the last 12 years, for example,

Alienation is emotional abuse and a child protection issue.

So it was at that point I sat up and took notice.

For the last year Jan and her team have worked tirelessly on this issue, hours of unpaid work because they are passionate about the harm being done to millions of our children and grandchildren.

We knew, from past experience, that once the study was published the  knives would be out, and they have indeed been.

The discrediting of Jan and her team, has been atrocious, and even for an old hand like myself I have been disgusted by the perpetrators of such vile and untrue statements that have been made.

Now, we always expect the usual ambush from the radical feminists etc, but the most appalling people of all have been those either as individuals or organisations who purport to be working towards calling alienation out for what it really is, a long term damaging behaviour to our young people.

They should all take a look in the mirror and think about what they are doing.

Any disruption such as we have seen this week, just undermines every single person who works so hard to expose alienation in the true sense.

Jan James is a personal of integrity, a person who cares, a person who has worked on many issues concerning child safety, domestic abuse, she is a social marketer unearthing stats that no one else will talk about.

We talk a great deal about alienators, but those who have taken perverse delight, in the attempt to destroy such important work, needs to ask if they are any better than the alienators themselves.

When I keep being asked why we can’t all get together and share our expertise and work as one, on such an important issue, here is your answer.

I have no idea why anyone should be throwing this unfounded dirt around, what I do know is says far more about yourselves than anything else.

I have once again opened my own door for abuse and discrediting by these people, but I know where I am coming from and that is all that maters to me, the rest can go and dig a big hole.

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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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