The system stinks, yes we know.

As you all know we are a support group and the clue is in the name, we give support to grandparents.

There are now many, many different groups and organisations working with alienated parents and grandparents, millions of families are facing the terrible trauma of alienation.

Every group/organisation has a different way of getting their point of view across to anyone who will listen, all with the best intentions in the world.

Our focus since 2007 has always been the children/grandchildren, not the adults but the children, which is why we are campaigning for the rights of children.

There are those who want to know what we are doing?

Well this year we took our campaign to the highest level, and it was debated at Westminster, within that debate the Justice Minister, stood up and admitted that the system is not working, and that her department were looking into it. Four month later children/grandchildren are still suffering the emotional abuse of alienation, whilst this government ignore their silent screams.

Some want to go and protest, to tie themselves to railings, and that is fine, it is just not what we do.

We prefer to talk to people.

Having a face to face meeting with the powers that be, educating them into the mental health of the children/grandchildren who are being controlled coercively by a resident parent, I repeat, children who are being emotionally abused.

A generation of children are growing up, in this toxic, cult like society, where it is perfectly ok to keep them from a loving, caring parent/grandparent.

Report after report states how the young people of today have terrible mental health issues.


Our Family Courts, our secret family courts, and those professionals who are supposed to protect our children, are assisting the alienators.

I don’t normally write in quite such an angry way, but I am disgusted with story after story of the continuing damage that is being done to our young people.

When will those in power stand up and be counted, when will they ensure there are consequences when a resident parent breaches a Child Arrangement Order, when will they actually stand up for the children?

Is there actually anyone who is doing whats right by the kids?

Children all over the UK are crying themselves to sleep every night because they are being prevented from seeing their Dad,Mum, Grandparents, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts and Uncles ect.

Children deserve better.

For those who continue on their crusade of alienation, take note, it won’t be long before your children turn on you for the emotional abuse you have caused, is it really worth it, to use your children as weapons?

We have to keep on until we can’t speak, to get the message across, that children are being emotionally abused.

So whether you are one of those who is prepared to scale buildings, put banners over prominent places, protest loudly or those who are quietly trying to change mindsets, good luck to you, because you are all fighting for the children and the rights.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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