The reality of true alienation

The words Parental Alienation and Grandparent Alienation are phrases that we have all become acutely aware over recent years, and we talk about the long term damage that it causes children.

A case that hit the headlines this week, illustrates without doubt the result of years of the drip feed of poison of true alienation.

A Bristol judge this week released his judgement on a case that he has been presiding over, the media headline of course was taken out of context by so many.

I would suggest before anyone responds or has a knee jerk reaction, to read carefully the actual judgement.

For year after year a father went back and forth to court in an attempt to see his children, but the immense damage to his children had already taken place, he was as the judgments says, demonised by the children’s mother. She made him out to be a monster and the children believe it.

This also proves , as I have said before, that ‘Wishes and Feelings,’ don’t work.

Any child who is constantly told their Dad is a bad person, over and over again, when asked who they want to see or live with, will of course refuse to see the targeted parent.

It is surely common sense?

These are children, being manipulated by an unhealthy parent.

The reluctance of the NSPCC to acknowledge the long term damage caused by alienation to children, need to read Judge Stephen Wildblood’s comment within his judgement:

It is beyond doubt that, in the long-term, what has occurred within this family will cause these children significant and long-term emotional harm

My heart goes out to a Dad who has spent 8 years going through the Family Court System, only to find that the system has let him down in the most devastating of ways, to bring him to the moment where he has had to say no more.

Not only has the system let him down, but more importantly it has let the children down, they have lost a Dad who loves them.

How on earth this Mother can live with herself, is impossible to comprehend except of course she believes she is right, as all alienators do.

They are the acid that corrodes loving and caring relationships.

One day I hope these children will understand what has happened to them, that they reach out to their Dad, who I know will always be there with the door open.

A fathers love never dies.


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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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