The lost children.

So what happens when a parent is unable to look after their children.

There can be many reasons why this might happen, sometimes it is because of drug and alcohol dependancy which makes it impossible for the parent to have responsibility for their children.

The children might be put into a Foster home, and as time goes by adoption will then be considered.

In situations like this grandparents are supposed to be involved,  sadly that is not always the case.

I have had many calls and emails from grandparents who are at their wits end because they want to look after their grandchildren, and have told the authorities that they are, but are treated almost with contempt by the decision makers.

Loving grandparents willing to give the children a home, and care and stability in what is a very traumatic time for them.

Grandparents of course have to be vetted and checked to make sure it is the child’s best interest.

It appears that far too many cases are not being considered properly, grandparents are paying  thousands of pounds to support their case, they go to and forth to hearings, for months sometimes longer.

I have been told that they are treated so badly, that the ‘professionals’ just seem to be putting obstacles in the way instead of supporting the grandparents in finding the best way to go forward.

It goes without saying that the child’s safety and welfare must always come first, but from what I hear it seems that putting children up for adoption is the option favoured.

Siblings are also being separated so they don’t even stay together which is appalling.

One case I also know of, and I suspect it is not the only one, a grandparent who believed their grandchild was with a Foster family, was in fact  adopted, and she knew nothing about it. She was not told or involved in any way.

The finality of that is almost too much for the grandparent to bare.

Surely, when we have more children looking for an adoptive family than there are families, it is fool hardy that grandparents and other family members are being kept out of these life changing and permanent decisions.

Every child deserves to be with a loving and caring family member, if at all possible.





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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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