The Girl in The Shadows.

Every grandparent who is estranged from their grandchildren will know only too well how it feels, the loss can, if you allow it, take over your life and cloud everyday.

Being an estranged grandparent who is also witnessing the utter destress of their son or daughter going through the torment of being denied contact with their children is beyond words.

We were parents first, protecting our children and wanting them to be happy is what we strive for, it is what being a parent is all about, well, for most of us.

I wouldn’t want any parent to have to watch the destruction that takes place, adult children being eaten up by grief.

Those deeply dark days do lighten, life does still have to go on, even with those special people missing, but they are never forgotten.

We pray that these broken sons and daughters will at some point be able to meet someone who will be able to understand and to love them.

As you will know it is 10 years since we had any contact with our granddaughter, and 10 years since our son has seen his daughter.

Our son is now in a better place with the love he deserves surrounding him, but not one day passes without his daughter being ever present.

His wife wrote a poem about him and his feelings, which he has now adapted into song, it describes the heartbreak of the separation felt.

Thank you to J for being there at the right time and place, and thank you for loving my son.

Here is a link to the song and please listen to the words.


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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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