The best and the worst of people.

When you write blogs, you do find yourself repeating the same theme over and over again.

Over the last few weeks I have been reminded that Parental/Grandparental Alienation brings out the very best and the very worst in people.

It is totally beyond my understanding, surely ALL of the groups and organisations are campaigning and raising awareness about the emotional damage being done to children/grandchildren.

That should not be in dispute.

Over and over again on social media I read the most vile posts and comments, not as you might think from perpetrators of PA/GA, but from supposed experts, leaders of groups, organisations, all vying for attention.

Many comments are libellous, untruths, so say, ‘supporters’ discrediting all and sundry.

Need to say, this time not directed at me!

I will work with anyone who believes as BGSG does that this is a child protection issue, what I wont do, is to join the people who find it necessary to make false allegations, about others.

Many of these people know only to well what it is to have false allegations made about them during PA/GA, and yet they themselves are doing the very same thing.

Most of the groups and organisations I work with are non profit making, are community groups and are run by volunteers. There are those of course who do make money out of PA/GA, they may be experts, trained to work with families, and it is their business.

BGSG, will never charge a membership fee, it will always be free to find support.

To be honest, 12 years ago I was looking for support myself, I couldn’t find any so BGSG was born. We just wanted to hold out a hand of friendship to very vulnerable grandparents. Which we have done to over 7,500 grandparents now.

We have always worked hard to raise public awareness, and to enter conversations with government.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that we would experience and witness the most awful behaviour of those who were supposed to be focussing on the children and grandchildren, it has been and continues to be a steep learning curve.

As you know one of our aims was to support and help as many grandparents as we could to get support groups across the UK, we have succeeded in many areas, but there are still many areas with no local group. (Please do get in touch if you think you might like to set up a group.)

We decided to include all the groups we were aware of on our website, to help grandparents. Obviously those contact details are there in the public eye and so others may well use those contacts, for their own ends.

BGSG have no control on that.

Sometimes people receive communications, which include Bristol Grandparents Support Group web address which may look as though we are involved or endorsing stuff. That is not the case.

There are many people out there, sadly, who crave the limelight, who can get enveloped in their own importance they are led by their ego, who will discredit anyone who might get in the way.

For me, it is the saddest thing of all, that because of people behaving this way, it prevents those of us who have been working towards the rights of children/grandchildren for so many years, to move forward with this national disgrace of emotional abuse against children.

This sort of behaviour, plays right into the hands of perpetrators of PA/GA, it is being played out on all social media platforms for all to see.

If we can’t agree to work together, putting all egos back in their box, we will never make progress.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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