Thank You.

You will all know that this year BGSG has been focussing on raising the necessary funds to gain charitable status. To apply to The Charity Commission for registration you need to have £5k in the charities account.

At the beginning of this year we had a deficit of £10, and so it has been a daunting task.

With the enormous help of some amazing people we embarked on fundraising, writing to companies, doing mail drops, applying for grants ect.

All charities are finding it increasingly difficult to raise money.

We put on a variety of events, stood outside supermarkets, produced badges, car stickers, greetings cards and slowly the money began to build up.

Last night a grandparents gave us an extraordinary donation, which has taken us to the target required.

To find the words to express my thanks is actually impossible, just writing this I have tears pouring down my face, it is overwhelming.

All in the name of our grandchildren.

Once we have registration we will be moving forward and will be hopefully going all over the UK to meet up with other grandparents and to work together in giving support and raising public awareness, and setting up link ups.

My sadness is of course is that there is a need for a support group such as ours.

If you are reading this and you are a parent who has made the decision to prevent your children having a loving and caring relationship with a parent or grandparent, please think very carefully about what you are doing. You may have a deep grievance with them but your children don’t, they love both parents and grandparents. We have children who are going through a living bereavement themselves, they are sitting in their rooms broken hearted, confused and wondering what they did wrong for this to happen.

Of course the children have done nothing at all, it is the adults that have caused it and have taken control of the relationships with other family members.

Children who are not allowed to be part of their wider family, who are told lies about them.

The reality is that children are children for a very short time, and as they begin to ask questions, to see what has really been going on the life long damage that you will have caused will not be forgiven.

These young people will make decisions for themselves,there are no winners in this.

Please take a step back, think about the children not your issues with others.

Everyone wants the same thing, to be part of the lives of our children or grandchildren, to see it from the eyes of the children, the children need to be put first, not the adults in conflict.

Until society goes back to the importance of all family relationships there will be a need for support groups such as BGSG.

On behalf of all children who are going through this despair, thank you so much for your support and generosity.

Esther Rantzens reaction last night was, “Hooray, well done.”





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