Thank you.

I think I can honestly say that the last 6 days have been unreal in the extreme.

The dust feels as though it is just beginning to settle.

It feels as though I have been on a constant escalator, rushing here,there and everywhere, talking to different people, sharing some very personal experiences.

It has all been amazing and humbling.

One thing that has happened is that people who I knew many years ago in all sorts of places, have suddenly appeared again, just wishing us well.

I am so grateful for their warm wishes, it means a great deal to all my family.

Grandparents who fist knew about BGSG in 2007, work colleagues from the distant past, people whose path I have crossed in all different ways, emailing, writing and coming in, just to say congratulations.

Congratulations on getting grandchildren’s rights debated at the highest level, in a debate that seems to have sparked such interest because of the way it was presented and congratulations on reuniting with our granddaughter.

The amount of good will and positiveness that it all seems to have evoked is overwhelming.

I feel as though there is a groundswell of determination from those who are estranged/alienated parent/grandparents, but also from those who are not.

So many people saying that they are going to write to their MP because they feel so strongly about it. Many people getting in touch to give their support, people who had never heard of Parental/Grandparental Alienation before, suddenly beginning to take note.

The cultural shift I have always hoped for may well be beginning, the cultural shift that says, denying contact to a child/grandchild has to stop.

The child’s welfare put right up at the top of the agenda.

For far too long, the devastation of family breakdown has been ignored, just ‘a sign of the times,’ what on earth does that mean, and is it something to be proud of?

Our family values have disappeared, the importance of family has been belittled, as a result too many children have low self esteem have no self worth, is it any wonder that we have increasing numbers of our young people suffering from mental health issues, and family breakdown plays a part.

I am not suggesting that couples should stay together if there are unresolvable issues, but we must never forget the responsibility on us for the children, they need to have both parents in their lives and their extended family. They don’t choose to be with one or the other of their parents, they have been forced to.

Now is the time for the authorities to sit up and take notice, the poison that is Parental Alienation has to be acted upon and fast. The Family Law System has to act and act now, before any more of this lost generation suffer.

I really do feel as though at last change is in the air, so enormous thanks to everyone who has supported what we do, and we will continue to do.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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