Should grandparents have rights?

I hope the title of this blog has stirred a reaction? I am sure it has.

I also know that what I am about to write will definitely annoy lots of people, so firstly my blogs are my own personal thoughts, just me putting into words things that I lie in bed thinking about, things that others are being affected by.


The phrase that gets me going every time is “Grandparents Rights,” for me this has never been about the rights of grandparents, being a grandparent is not a right it is a privilege.

As I seem to repeat endlessly, it is about the rights of children, the right to a loving and caring relationship with their grandparents.

I am constantly asked about changing the law, lobbying parliament even chaining ourselves to the railings, to get “Grandparents Rights.”

For those who wish to go down that route I wish them well, but it is not for me.

The question for me is how can we possibly lobby for rights for grandparents when we have hundreds of thousands of parents denied contact with their children?

A whole generation growing up without one of their parents in their lives, because of the vindictive actions of another, adults putting the needs of themselves first, not thinking of what is best for the children.

It seems that whether you are a parent or a grandparent, uncle or aunt, just say the wrong thing or do something not approved of and family members decide to cut you out of their lives, as though its some form of punishment.

Who are they punishing you or the children?

It is the children who are damaged by adult actions such as these.

I absolutely understand the emotions, sadness, anger, betrayal,confusion to name but a few, but having attended countless meetings, consultations ect, I can not see that the law will change in my lifetime. It has only been a couple of years since The Family Law Reforms, when the subject was discussed, some media headlining , “Grandparents to get Rights,” but as usual they had got hold of the wrong end of the stick. What the law now states is the importance of grandparents in the lives of children, but no automatic legal rights.

There are grandparents of course who are representing themselves in court, each individual has to do what is right for them and their families.

But “Grandparents Rights?”






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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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