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Many of you will know that this last week has been a worrying time for all my family, as Marc was admitted to hospital.

Thankfully, he is home now and we hope will continue his recovery.

We all know that when we are alienated from a family member how devastating it can be, everyday is bleak and feels as though it has no purpose. Our heads full of unanswered questions, did we do something, what could I have done to prevent it happening, and just why?

Our worlds seem so grey and oppressive, watching other people just carrying on with their lives, the Earth continues to spin, day follows night, and yet our life has stopped.

It is so easy to fall down that black spiral, to descend to the very depths of despair.

There is so much anger out there.

We actually can cease living in that normal existence.

Life holds no pleasure and no future.

Then without warning, something happens to make us take stock, such as Marc lying there on a cold concrete pavement, with every breath a struggle. Your mind runs away with you and you go to places you have never dared to go.

Just as my world felt as though it was evaporating before my very eyes, something happened.

My last blog was all about compassion.

In those first 10 seconds of sheer panic, complete strangers were there, passers by, taking off their coats wrapping my husband up and talking to him saying things like, ‘Don’t worry mate, I will stay with you,’ total strangers asking me if I was Ok, my son appearing taking control.

I will never forget those unknown people, the compassion in those 10 seconds is something to hang on to.

When all about us appears to be falling apart, there is and will always be those acts of kindness but we need to notice every single one of them. Not the grand gestures, but those unselfish moments, those moments where we can all connect to someone else.

Of course this was an extreme situation, but we can all fill our own lives with acts of kindness, it is up to each and everyone of us to show we are compassionate and caring, whatever else that might be going on in our lives, we must rise above it.

In Southmead Hospital they have an art installation called, ‘Report an act of kindness,’  can you report one today?

Thank you for all the good wishes from Marc and myself.


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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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