Raising the roof for our grandchildren.

As you know we had a concert yesterday to help raise funds for our charity.

It is impossible for me to put into words how I feel today, but I will try.

Losing contact with our beautiful granddaughter was and still is unbearable and in those first dark days I thought I would never smile again but yesterday was the climax of 6 months work, which was in the name of all grandchildren denied a relationship with their grandparents.

It was not a time to think about the pain and heartbreak but a time for looking to the future and just to embrace the empathy, compassion and love of everyone who came together to support one another.

As we all worked to pull it together, doing a run through, setting up stalls, preparing refreshments, we were all so aware of why we were all there, as the childrens choir sang out in rehearsals it was a time to stop and just drink the raw emotion in. People stood listening holding each others hands, linking up in their support for each other.

A grandparent who had flown in to Bristol Airport secretly, a grandparent who had driven from Canterbury, grandparents from Staffordshire, Plymouth standing shoulder to shoulder with members of my family, friends and performers, there because thats where they wanted to be.

The audience began to arrive and marvellous people stood by their various stations and just got on with anything that needed to be done.

At 4pm prompt the Ladies choir stood up and I walked to the front of the church equipped with mic and notes and mixed emotions, as I stood under the lights facing a full church of over 200 people it was time to get the show on the road.

Having got the health and safety rules out of the way, I introduced myself and explained why we were all there, I then went to the back and just watched this miraculous event happen around me.

Ladies choir, a childrens choir of 38 children from ages 7 -11, superb pianist playing Schumann Scenes of childhood interspersed with poems, a member of BGSG reading a poem called Warning- sometimes known as ‘Today I shall wear purple’, including a rather spectacular hat, my brother-in-law and his magical story telling and a finale to melt everyones heart, with the choirs coming together in harmony and joy singing, “I am a small part of the world.”

I was  filled with tremendous pride, there were my two sons, my eldest who has been denied contact for over 7 years, being sound technicians, filming, recording and photographing, friends coming together some whom I have known for over 40 years, friends of my sons using their skills in recording the event in all forms of media it seemed!

There were many, many moments of particular significance, one being Marc doing his speech at the end, his thanks to everyone and his very obvious emotion.

The memory of it all will live with all of us for ever.

Thank you is never enough, but I thank absolutely everyone who worked so hard to allow it to happen, to everyone who worked so hard on the day, without each and everyone of you it would not have been so successful and such a joyous event for all concerned.

Bless you.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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