Put the children first.

After the new report on Parental Alienation, published by The Good Egg Company, the fur has been flying in all directions.

Groups, who purport to all be fighting for the rights of children, have become aggressive and are doing all they can to discredit it. Delving for any skeleton in any cupboards, discrediting in any low way they can.

You only have to watch Twitter to see the vile and vicious rhetoric that has been going on, for those of you new to this ‘game’ will be bewildered by it all I am sure, as I was 12 years ago. Sadly I know only too well, this happens.

It shows that we are making important strides forward in the protection of the innocent parties in family breakdown, if it was meaningless then it wouldn’t be getting under the skin of others and opponents .

You may well ask,

Why would anyone not be supporting the rights of children?

Seems a no brainer, doesn’t it?

Not to our opponents, they will move hell and high water to stop any inclusion in the Domestic Abuse Bill, of Parental Alienation or anyway else for that matter.

The untruth that is spouted over and over again by the radical feminists is that Parental Alienation is a tool used by men within the court system.

Of course that is absolutely untrue.

Men who allegedly have grudges against the women who they have had children with, and of course all men are abusive and dangerous.

I wonder what these people think of their own sons?

Are they also dangerous and abusive.

It is so tedious to keep writing about all of this, the energy it uses up is enormous.

It is of course worth saying here, Parental Alienation and Domestic Abuse can be caused by both genders, it is totally unacceptable whoever is the perpetrator, gender must be removed from any conversation. If woman want true equality they must stop making this gender specific. Children must of course always be protected from any proven abusive adult.

Make no mistake this is not just aimed at parents, these women hate grandparents as well, as one activist said to me many years ago,

Over my dead body will my children ever have contact with their grandparents.

If we change this discussion to talk about Child Protection Issues, without exception, may I suggest, everyone , both genders, would all agree that the safety of children is paramount, and yet add Parental/Grandparent Alienation into the mix and the worms turn.

Those same caring, compassionate women become vipers, striking out with their forked tongues.

Power is everything, using children/grandchildren as weapons, as revenge is easy.

The children are powerless, they become the victims.

Children who are refused the love and care of both parents and grandparents, because an adult in their life wants to have full control.

Children don’t stay children forever, they become adults and we have many adult children now being able to come forward and tell us all how it felt to be in that horrible situation, some are being proactive in so many ways in getting their side of the story out in the public eye, they are breaking their silence.

The behaviour of an adult in their life has caused life long damage, many have no self worth and struggle with their own relationships.

When we have children, it is our responsibility to make sure that our children are given every opportunity to experience healthy, loving relationships with all their family.

We are making strides, and we mustn’t allow detractors to steer us off course.

This is and never has been about adults, but the emotional abuse that is caused by Parental/Grandparent Alienation, we must keep focussed on the children/grandchildren.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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