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If you are reading this blog then you are one of millions who access the internet, whatever our views may be we can’t escape the fact that the internet in all it’s forms is here to stay.

Certainly if it wasn’t for this platform, Facebook, Twitter ect BGSG could not possibly reach the people that we do.

As we all know there is a downside.

People use the anonymity to troll, verbally abuse and cause immense hurt to others, without little or any repercussions. I often wonder if these people are hurtful in real life?

One of the things we see occurring more and more is the use of public forums, they are an excellent way to communicate with others about common interests or a place to find support and help from others who are experiencing similar things in our lives.

The important word is PUBLIC forum, as they are a public forum they can be read by anyone, increasingly I read the most personal posts on these forums. Posters will name others, give out addresses and in some cases even publish photos, I am not talking about in a positive way. These are topics about family breakdown and estrangements.

People will say things like, “My situation is so bad I can’t make it any worse.”

What we do know is that these forms of communication are now used in courts of law. If you are going through any legal route be very cautious.

Apart from that, why would you want to post this sort of thing?

Phrases such as nice son, nasty son, nice daughter, nasty daughter are frequently used, if there was any hope whatsoever for a reconciliation this sort of dialogue will have put a stop to that.

All of these posts will be on the internet forever, they don’t disappear.

Never publicly write things that are inflammatory and in some cases slanderous  it will come back on you. It could also be classed as harassment.

If on FB pages or groups make sure they are a ‘secret’ group.

Better still don’t write it in the first place.





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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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