Peter Connelly.

I, like millions of others sat through the BBC programme last night about what really happened in the case of Baby Peter Connelly,the cover ups, we will all have our own views and opinions.

When we hear about these outrageous tragedies, we need to blame someone, certainly as exposed last night the blame culture was instigated from the very top, down.

There may well have been several people sacked and hung out to dry, but it is ALL departments who are responsible.

We look to those in child protection to do just that, to protect vulnerable children, every single person involved in cases such as these, need to hang their heads in shame.

I know myself of children ,right his minute, who are suffering at the hands of adults, children who are shouting out loud to those who should be listening to them but they are not.

Children telling social workers that they are being abused by a parent, showing them the bruises, but still they are not listened to. Children writing statements to people in the judiciary but the judiciary refusing to even read those statements, saying things like, ‘children have no place in my court,’ and this is when MP’s such as Simon Hughes gives speeches of how, ‘children are being listened to.’ Speeches that are not worth the paper they written on, when questioned not even bothering to reply.

Every member of every political party, every employee in Social Services, members of the police force anyone at all involved in Child Protection, it is your responsibility, it is you who are letting the children of this country down.

Sadly, Peter will not be the last child who suffers months, possibly years of neglect and abuse at the hands of a parent who is able to hoodwink those who are there supposedly, for the child, not there for the parent, not there to befriend the parent.

Today in the papers little Poppi died in 2012, once again the truth was covered up

The entire system is not fit for purpose.


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