We need to stop focussing on gender.

In a society that so say prides itself on moving towards equality, why is it that we are so hung up on gender specifics.

We read about Fathers’ Rights and women being victims of domestic abuse, on a daily basis.

The truth is that perpetrators of domestic abuse can be female as well as male and that it is not just Dads who find themselves alienated from their children, Mums do as well.

It is true that there are some very powerful lobbying groups particularly the feminist groups, who will not listen to reason, will not except that women can possibly ever hurt someone else, and that there are some very vocal fathers’ groups who put women down constantly, neither doing themselves any favours.

I have no doubt that someone will say well the statistics are this and that, but we are talking about individual people, they are not a number, they are people, people being hurt. They don’t care if they are number 1 of 1 in 4, they just know they are at the receiving end of physical/mental abuse, and they are prisoners in their own hell. You don’t care how many others are going through what you are facing as you heal your bruises, or as you crawl out from under the computer table where you sleep every night, or if you are feeling suicidal because you think your children hate you.

The children who find themselves not able to see Mum or Dad because they have been told their parent is a bad person are also going through their own living bereavement, living in their own form of prison.

Our world is in very turbulent times, well the world isn’t, the human beings that live on our precious planet are causing the turbulent times, we live in a blame culture, many not taking full responsibility for their actions.

We are all unique, whatever our gender, our sexuality, our beliefs we have a responsibility to care for others.

No-one has the right to cause hurt and pain to another human being.

Time to look to ourselves and our own behaviour and to treat each other with respect.

Although we need to stop focussing on gender specifics, we should also celebrate our differences, that is what makes us unique.





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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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