Naming your grandchildren.

I have written so many times on this but it is so important, well I think so anyway.

As an estranged grandparent myself I have always and will continue to protect the identity of my grandchild, in my blogs, on my website so when I constantly see grandparents naming their grandchildren on open forums it makes me fume.

Of course it is actually none of my business, but do they not realise that the forums and social media that they continue to do this on is public, that means anyone can see the information on them, including their own grandchildren. As a child how are they going to feel when they see phrases such as nasty daughter or nasty son being written about their Mum and Dad?

It is not helpful in anyway for children to see the sorts of things that grandparents write about their estranged adult children, these children love both their parents, the conflict or fall out is with the adults not the children.

If people think that what they write is only seen by members of such places they are mistaken, not only is it there for all to see ,it will be there for many years to come on the internet. So when the grandchildren are adults themselves they will still be able to read what their grandparents have written about their Mum or Dad.

Writing, a positive blog or journal is a completely different thing.

Safeguarding children is the priority, and publicly naming them where they live ect, is certainly not protecting them.

As part of BGSG we have several ways we give support which include FB groups, Twitter accounts and I am constantly questioned about whether grandparents can post photos of children and then criticised when I say no. Some will also be critical about the rules and guidelines that have to be in place to safeguard everyone.

Our view is, if you are unable to abide by rules and guidelines then maybe these groups are not for you, trying to undermine the admin who are just trying their best is not only inappropriate it causes concern for all.

Anyone who feels they need to write derogatory remarks about family members, just think about how the grandchildren will respond when they read it.



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