Name and shame charities

It would be true to say that 2015 was a bad year for charities.

Due to very large charities receiving bad press in relation to their financial situation and their transparency, quite rightly The Charity Commission have tightened up the rules and made changes.

Everyone involved in a charity wants the public to have trust in them and to show that what they are doing is in the public good.

Most small charities have been set up because someone has personal experience of possibly an illness or as a result of something happening to them and they want to reach out to others because they want to help and support people who may be suffering. People who want to make a difference in their communities.

If you have not run a charity you won’t know of the enormous amounts of time that is taken up with paperwork and red tape. Taking the focus off the very reason that a charity has been set up in the first place.

Large charities employ staff to do that sort of stuff, but small charities do it themselves, and as far as I can see there is very little help out there, to support these small concerns. It is rare that you can actually talk to a human being, with questions.

I was dismayed yesterday to receive an email from The Charity Commission with a list of charities whom they are naming and shaming for being overdue in sending in their reports and files. This was just in Somerset and there are over 100 listed.

The list includes village halls, community groups, pre-schools, some who have a previous of income of as little as under £500.

Once these lists are published what happens to these charities?

Of course if they are deliberately withholding their reports ect, they must be investigated, and one would hope be given help in getting their house in order.

The future for small charities is looking dim, I can see small charities closing as a result.




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