The Miracle of Life.

When a grandparent finds themselves estranged from their grandchildren, it feels as though their life is over.

Many grandparents call me feeling that they can no longer go on, that all that was precious in their lives has been taken from, they are isolated and alone. They think there is no future.

The first thing to say is, you are absolutely not alone, we can give you help and support.

When you are so low, nothing seems to be worth anything, you feel worthless.

Those of you who know me, will know that I often say, ‘think of all the good things in your life,’ I also know that when you are in that dark place of grief, you don’t think there is anything good in your life.

But I have used a word in this blog many times from the beginning, which is priceless.


You don’t have to be someone with a faith to consider the mystery and magic of life, the gift we were given to enable us to be on this beautiful place we call Earth.

We are here for a short time, but do we not have an obligation to live life to the full, to put something back to be so thankful for all that we have.

Most of you reading this blog will be privileged in one way or another.

Most will have homes, fresh water, fuel to keep us warm, food aplenty, friends the list is endless.

How often do we take a moment to take stock?

Everyone in our lives will have experienced devastation person loss of one sort or another, it is what we do when these things happen that makes us what we are.

We can live the rest of our lives, with bitterness and anger or we can celebrate what we have and what we have had and what is to come.

The magic of life surrounds us all, it’s just that when we are so low, we don’t notice.

Don’t be sad when you see other grandchildren with their grandparents, get swept up by the wonder of their love.

We may not be able to hug our little ones, or maybe hear their laughter but we can remember the joy of our memories, and to believe that other miracles do happen everyday and never give up hope.

We are all part of the miracle of life don’t let it pass you by.

I truly believe that to work through our pain is to help and support others, by catching someone when they are falling  helps us to stand tall.

Embrace your life today.








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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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