Media just don’t get it.

After the hustle and bustle of last week, time to review.

I personally am sick and tired of the media, and their ‘experts’ saying stuff that they clearly have absolutely no understanding on.

On Tuesday and Wednesday several TV programmes featured the lobbying of MP’s in London, for legislative support for an ongoing relationships between grandchildren and grandparents.

After telephone calls and endless emails, interviews set up, and then cancelled at the last moment, asked to go to Manchester overnight and then back to London, at the drop of a hat, to a request to say overnight in London to go to a studio the next day whilst just arriving at Victoria, we had no overnight things and our car was parked back in Bristol in a timed car park.

The media seem to think that they are doing us a favour, but they aren’t it is the other way around. They just need someone to fill a slot. Our story forgotten in 30 seconds.

To those of us who carry around the sadness of this ‘living bereavement’ it remains day after day, month after month.

To cap it all they then bring in the ‘experts’ who frankly tell everyone to kiss and make up! Don’t they know that if we had been able to do that we would have, so patronising in the extreme.

Grandparents deserve to be treated with a bit more respect and for those ‘experts’ to actually listen properly.

Then of course we have a variety of lawyers who get called in, some say that it doesn’t have to be expensive to go down the legal route, tell that to the grandparents who spent 30,000 on going to court, or we get the lawyers who say we all need to sit around a round table over a cup of tea, promise to be civil to one another and to just talk it through! And the cost well I believe I heard, that it would be £150 x 6 as you sign up for 6 sessions, and who will pay, well presumably the grandparents.

I am sorry as this is a rant and a shouty blog, not something I usually do but grandparents hopes are always raised when they know that the subject of estrangement and alienation is going to be aired, and then they are left feeling belittled and misunderstood.

The reality for all the ‘experts’ is this, until this happens to them they will never fully understand and the truth is that there is no magic wand with answers.

It would also be helpful if the contact numbers for support were valid, and helplines who are operational.Grandparents need support now this minute not a week on Friday!




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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