Loneliness Week.

Loneliness can happen to anyone at any age.

You can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely, next week Marmalade Trust based in Bristol launches ‘Loneliness Week’, Monday 18th – Friday 22nd June 2018, time for us all to recognise the devastation that being lonely can bring.

Here in Bristol we have an enormous student population and any weekend young people descend on the city centre all looking to have a good time, sadly not all the young people are having fun.

Leaving home for the first time can be a scary thing, making new friends, the pressure of studying can and has in recent months taken its toll on several students. 8 students in the last 18 months have committed suicide.

We read report after report of young people suffering with their mental health, even at primary school level, children are lonely.

Becoming a Mum for the first time, should be a time when you feel everything is complete, but actually that is not the reality for so many. Being at home with a new baby is a very lonely place, suddenly there you are looking after this tiny person who is totally dependent on you. Your social life seems to be in the distance past, adult conversation is somewhat lacking, and just going out is a military operation. Somehow you can feel you have lost your identity.

The workplace although now supposed to be focused on employees ‘Well-Being,’ is quite the reverse. The pressure now is enormous, deadlines to meet, targets to achieve, bullying seems rife and no one will listen, you are just a cog in a huge wheel.

We all look forward to retirement, after years of working hard the thought of peace is so attractive. It doesn’t always pan out quite the way we plan. It isn’t long before the days can seem endless, some people go for days, weeks and months without talking to anyone.

Being estranged from family members of course make you feel terribly alone. Birthdays not acknowledged, Christmas is just another long day, no-one ringing to see if you are ok.

I was astonished to read that Loneliness can cause as much harm to our health as 15 cigarettes day.

We can all be proactive, we can all pick up the phone, pop in on someone, write a person letter to someone.

The smile you give may be the first smile someone has received in a long time.

Please support Marmalade Trust in the amazing work they do https://marmaladetrust.org/law/

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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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