Let your light shine through.

At this time of the year light plays an important part in our lives.

Looking out of my window houses are festooned with bright lights and colours shining out, the lights on our  Tree of Hope are burning brightly to show our love for our grandchildren. Light on long dark days.

It is a time for reflection for me to think about the past year and all that has happened, it is quite astonishing how BGSG has evolved since its conception all those years ago.

As I sit and listen to the recording of our concert, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I am not  ashamed to say tears start to flow.

I can not begin to explain the emotion it evokes for me and my family.

The ‘turning a negative into a positive’ has always been my goal, and I think in so many ways that has been achieved.

I am of course so aware of all of you who are reading this who feel anything but positive, that you are in such a sad place and I wish more than anything that I could somehow make it better.

In reality, I can’t.

I can’t get all of your families together, to get everyone to talk, to communicate in any way, to agree to disagree and put the children first.

Within these adult conflicts, both parties believe they are right, they have lost the ability to think about the devastating effect adult actions such as these are having on the children, not only today but for the future.

The role models these young people are witnessing are of  revenge, control, and in some cases of hate, they will grow up believing it is ok to behave this way. They will believe it is ok to be destructive and they will believe that children don’t matter, and that families don’t matter.

It is the children of now and the future that we are damaging, we are the adults we need to be there for our children/grandchildren, as families we will never get on with each and every one of our family units, but we have no right to inflict our prejudices on the young people. Children/grandchildren love us all equally, they should not have to be made to choose, or to take sides.

There are children, now this minute, this second lonely, isolated and afraid, because of the behaviour of adults. Some are taking desperate measure to try and have their voice listened to.

So when asked, “what can you do to help, Jane,” although I can’t change individuals situation I can be here, I can listen and support.

We can all be the light, the spark of a light the flickering flame to bring some small comfort to another human being, it only takes a smile, a touch or a word. Nothing clever just a human connection.

The Christmas story is of new beginnings and of hope.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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