Lessons will be learnt, too late.

I make no apologies for rewriting this onto this new blog, this situation is still ongoing.

A young man needing help and no-one is listening, SS are not taking action,even when he has pleaded for help, once again will we be saying,”Lessons will be learnt,” when tragedy happens.

Those in authority hold your heads in shame.


Recently Simon Hughes MP talked about the importance of listening to the voice of children https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/simon-hughes-speech-at-the-voice-of-the-child-conference
Today a young man who wanted to have a relationship with his grandparents has had that denied, he had gone to a hearing and written a statement neither of which he was able to submit, I understand that the judge hearing the case said “He’s 13 hard luck if he’s not happy.”

This young man has refused to take his medication until he was able to regain a relationship with both his grandparents, he has runaway and got on a train to get to them, and yet no-one in authority is listening to him.
He has been dragged from court today to go to his mother, he had already said he was going back on Sunday but an injunction has been placed on his grandparents stopping them having contact.

What about the young man himself, who will take responsibility when he refuses his medication again, who will take responsibility when he runs away again?

Where on earth Mr. Hughes, is this listening to the voice of the children?

We have thousands of children in the UK who are facing this sort of disgrace every single day of the year, we read about the increase of children self-harming, of young people ending their lives.

I ask again, who is taking responsibility, when will the truth be out on these cases?

I would ask everyone reading this to write to their own MP to ask the same questions and demand answers and explanation.

We have to have Grandchildren’s Rights enshrined in law so that when there is a family breakdown the children automatically are able to continue relationships with their wider family members. They should not be part of a war of words and actions of adults who are unable to communicate, who use their children as weapons in spite and anger.

Those parents who go down this route will eventually lose out, their children will turn away from them when they discover they have been lied to.

My heart goes out today to the thousands of children who are facing this disgraceful, evil form of alienation.

I ask again, who will take responsibility for this?


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