Increase in child neglect, invisible children.

Yet again this week we heard of the tragic death of Dylan who appeared to have disappeared under the radar.

An 8 year old who was left in a rural setting and being home tutored , he had missed a developmental check in 2006, although healthcare professionals tried to rearrange a new time they got nowhere with the parents. Who denied them contact.

Any child who is being home tutored should be checked very regularly, when a child is home tutored they can be cut off from the outside world and of outside influences. As happened in this case.

Surely alarm bells should have gone off.

Again someone in authority states that lessons have been learnt, but to what expense, the life of a child once again ends in appalling circumstances.

Victoria Climbie, Peter Connelly,Hamzah Khan are names etched in our minds but the list is growing so fast, that these precious children are just becoming statistics in the most horrible of ways.

Every single time an ‘expert’ professional says the now empty words,”lessons will be learnt.”

Too late for the children already who have been let down by the system.

Bristol is wanting to be a child friendly city, and I noticed a poster yesterday saying,”Children will be heard,” sadly many are not.

Children who have tried to get help, seen professionals, made disclosures but still are not listened to.

Children who tell a social worker that they are worried about how much their parent is drinking and shows them a fridge full of alcohol,only to be told that, it is fine and that she has the same amount in her fridge. Children who write letters making disclosures and pleading for help, just to be ignored. Children who have illnesses that need regular checks and good diets are being given a chocolate bar for lunch. Children having all forms of communication taken from them. A child whose school attendance was 12% one year, was not visited by teachers or welfare officers, a child whose social worker has not visited in over a year. I could go on, but no-one would believe me.

When will our society wake up and see what is going on under their noses?

Children deserve to be heard, they are the ones who are suffering neglect and abuse every day of their lives.

Someone must start to listen.





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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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