Kindness will always bring me to tears.

I know as with all of you I have cried a river of tears, for the loss of our precious little person, no longer little.

I was told I was too emotional recently, not sure you can ever be too emotional, but we are all different.

Talking through those darkest of times with grandparents can be so difficult, listening to their distress doesn’t get any easier, and it never will.

The utter desperation is so apparent, and all they want is answers, answers that I don’t have.

Attempting to try and work out the behaviours of others is impossible, and those we thought we knew and trusted often let us down.

When I pick up the phone or open an email I never know what I will hear or read.

I know that unless you have had to face estrangement you would have absolutely no idea of what it feels like, we all try to fill out lives with all sorts of other things but that void is and will always be there.

We no doubt are not only trying to keep our heads above the water from separation but are possibly dealing with health issues, physical and mental health, poor health of a partner, uncertainty of what the future holds.

We find ourselves at a cross road, not entirely sure on which road to take.

We know looking back is no good, sometimes looking to the future is hard as well, so we have to focus on this cross road, and bravely take that step, hopefully a step that will give us some form of peace. Those steps do not have to be alone, we can help one another to take that one small step, one at a time.

As human beings we all need one another, not only for difficult times but to be able to share in the joy of the goodness of others.

I may have just put the phone down from a very distressing situation but in that next minute something wonderful happens, addressing the balance.

Whenever someone is kind to me it makes me cry. I remember very clearly when I was young, I was out on my roller skates going up and down our road, and I fell over. I got up quickly and a lady came over and asked me if I was OK? Up until that point I was, but when she asked me, I thought actually no, I am not OK, I had hurt myself. Her act of kindness made me cry, and it still does when I think about it!

So, I hope the person you are being kind to today doesn’t burst into tears, like me, but if they do, it is because you have shown you care.


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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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