Judiciary stand up and take action.

We are now in a place where Parental Alienation is being accepted in Family Law circles, and The World Health Organisation acknowledging PA, acknowledging alienation of children and grandchildren is one thing, those in power taking action is a totally different thing.

Everyone who reads these blogs will know either from their own experience or from a family members experience that Child Arrangement Orders are breached, over and over again.

For those who might not know, a CAO is supposed to be an order to allow contact with children.

All sorts of excuses are made, the child is ill, the child has an appointment, or the order is just not adhered to.

You may think that if there is an Order, that to breach one is breaking the law, well, yes it is. In the UK you would expect that if you break the law you would have to face a consequence.

That is where the problem is.

There is rarely or no consequence.

The perpetrator of alienation, knows how to play the system and they know that there will be no recourse if they ignore a CAO and so it continues.

It makesĀ  a CAO not worth the paper it is written on, in my view.

Surely this is not rocket science, if you have a consequence to a breach of an order, it wont happen?

Here is an example of what all Judges should be doing.

In Israel a Judge who had been presiding over a case for some time, decided enough was enough. It is reported that when Mum and Dad appeared in front of him yet again, due to the resident parent refusing to stick to the order and the children clearly being alienated, when speaking directly to the resident parent he said that, the next time they were in front of him, that she needed to bring a toothbrush because if she broke the order once more then he would be sending her to prison for 3 days. Needless to say the order was never broken again.

The argument often from the Judiciary is that to punish a parent that way is detrimental to the children, sorry but that is absolutely no defence. For children to be alienated every single day, and the emotional abuse caused is a child protection issue and is far more detrimental to the children, as it causes life long damage.

All of us if we break the law have to face the consequences, Family Law should be no different.

Time for a Judge somewhere to have the B……, to stand up and make any parent, who breaks the law, by breaching a CAO to take action and face punishment.

It only needs to happen a few times, and I suspect it would make alienators think twice.


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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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