“I will fix you.”

Some of you will know that I a member of Gospel Generation Community Choir and I have written about them before.

I joined GGCC when I was feeling low and lost as a result of losing contact with my granddaughter, I needed something to focus on, I needed to witness something good.

That was several years ago now, and we are just coming to the end of doing our three concerts before Easter.

Being part of this amazing group has been amazing, every member of the choir have their own personal stories, their own battles that they have or are facing, but the strength that exudes when we all come together to sing, is truly inspiring.

When we all sing as one it is very powerful and very moving.

I write all the time about the power of self-help and getting out there and living life, joining a choir is just one way of achieving that peace of mind that we all are striving for.

To Emma, Heather and Winston to name but a few, who work tirelessly and oh, so patiently for us and with us, you make such an enormous difference to all of our lives, thank you.

Being  part of a community that can lift the spirits with  phrases such as, “I will fix you,”  actually needs no more words, that phrase is enough.

We are all here in our own way, to try and fix you.

You are never alone and we will walk beside you and you will stand tall again.


About Jane

Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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