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Last night I watched the documentary on The Invictus Games, what an inspiration these men and women are.

They joined the forces and embraced the military family, where they were all an intrinsic part of a well oiled machine, until one day their lives changed forever, and they face a life without that military family, without that feeling of being valued. Many have lost a limb or more or have been paralysed from the chest down.

Deep physical and emotional scars.

These veterans faced the deepest despair, they were in a very dark place, some staying in their homes for 3 years, until sport entered their lives.

A new life, a life of challenge, a life of completing but more importantly, a new family to belong to.

The determination etched in their faces was plain to see,  the pride to be once again a member of a team, to be part of team GB has put that sparkle back in their eyes.

One young man said, he just wanted his mum and dad to be proud of him, for me it is the pride he now has for himself that is so moving.

I am not in any way suggesting that we all go off and play basket ball or kayak but everyone can pull themselves up from the deepest darkest places, with a little help from a friend or two.

I wish team GB all the luck in the world.



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