Holidays, Birthdays and Dolphins.

We have just returned from our holiday in Mousehole, Cornwall, it is such a wonderful place to just recharge those batteries and to reflect.

I forgot to take my lap-tops charger with me, and so had limited access to the world of websites, social media and all that entails.

To be honest it was quite liberating, I was able to sit and watch the constant ebb of the tides, wonder at the hard work of the men who go out day after day in their fishing boats to provide food and to observe people going about their daily business, without thinking I must reply to that phone call or email immediately.

Sometimes you need to be able to be able to step out of reality, even for a short time.

We can become so burdened by our own thoughts and those of others that it is difficult to see a way forward. Taking some time to allow yourself some peace is essential.

Of course you can’t escape reality, reality is where we are and we need to face the ups and downs that life throws at us, but looking at things in a different way can sometimes be just what we need.

Whilst away it was our granddaughters, my sons daughters 16th birthday.

That is our families reality.

As I have said before the sadness of not being part of her life is sometimes unbearable, but the sadness of looking at our son and looking behind his eyes and the pain that hides there is much worse.

A father who is denied the relationship of a daughter is beyond any words I can write. A man who has this enormous void in his heart still manages to carry on, a man that I am so, so proud of.

We celebrated her birthday in quiet contemplation, all with our own thoughts and memories and later went out for dinner, raised a glass to a beautiful young lady of 16 years of age. We wished her well, love and hope that she is happy.

As we returned to the apartment we were staying in, looking out to sea, just at the harbour entrance a huge pod of dolphins appeared, leaping in and out of the water. I have never seen dolphins in the wild before and it was truly magical. A coincidence, no doubt, but we all said they were there for L………..’s special day!

Life is amazing.


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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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