Fund Raiser.

As a charity we continually have to think off new ways to fund raise, we don’t charge to be a member of BGSG so we have to rely on donations and inventive ways to raise funds.

One such idea is wooden candle holders, a beautiful way to keep the light of our grandchildren flickering in our homes.

We are so grateful to the grandparents who came up with this wonderful idea,all the proceeds are going to BGSG, they are not taking a penny. They are made out of oak barrels.

These candle holders have had a very interesting journey. They began life growing in the forests of the USA as American white oak trees. The oak is used as the wood is very strong whilst being highly flexible, so it can be easily shaped by the expert cooper. By law all US bourbon has to be matured for at least two years in brand new oak barrels. This is very lucky for the Scots, as by law their whisky has to be matured for three years in, you guessed it, oak barrels. The darkness of the interior of the cask is caused by burning the cask to add to the flavour. Once the bourbon is emptied out the cask is dismantled and shipped to Scotland. Once re-assembled the cask can be used up to five times in Scotland. These particular pieces of ‘staves’ are brought to us via one of our members, who lives on the Moray Coast in North East Scotland. The man who supplies her burning wood is a former ‘Cooper’ who has contacts with local distilleries.


-Your candle holder has been hand made from an oak barrel.

As they are wood they are a natural product and will have markings which add to their character. They have been waxed but still retain the aroma of the whisky.-

Prices Single holders £3.50 – Double holders £5.00 – Treble and Fours £6.50 plus postage which is £2.80 for UK.

Please contact me for further information.


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