Former High Court Judge and Family Breakdown.

It was very interesting to read in The Times this week an article by Frances Gibb talking to a former High Court Judge on the epidemic of family breakdown.

The good thing about articles such as these it validates what I have been writing about for the last 10 years!

Sir Paul Coleridge left his post as he could no longer continue.

He says that if he had stayed he would have to “put up or shut up,” about his views on the damage of family breakdown.

Leaving the profession freed him so that he could speak up on the subject and promote his charity the

Over the years he had become more and more concerned about the number of cases before him in the Family Courts and his conviction that during these volatile disputes it was the children who were so badly affected. And yet whenever he raised his concerns it appears that the powers that be turned a blind eye to what was actually going on, and reacted in the fact that nothing could be done to “stop the rot.”

Sir Paul’s new found freedom has allowed him to debate research that clearly shows the damage that is being done to a whole generation of children. The fact that most of us know that children do better when surrounded by stable,loving and caring relationships.

Sir Paul’s quote, ”

That research has shown, among other things, that: any child born today has only a 50:50 chance of being with both birth parents by the age of 15; cohabiting parents make up 19 per cent of all couples with dependent children, but account for half of all family breakdown, and 93 per cent of parents who stay together until their children reach 15 are married.

There is a marriage gap: 87 per cent of high earners marry (£43,000 plus), but only 24 per cent of lower earners (£16,000 or below).”

I have always said and remain to believe that government won’t move on this as it is a political hot potato.

There are very powerful lobbying group who also are against any changes.

Of course we can’t go back, and often we have a rose tinted view on marriage, but to undervalue family and its importance to the next generation is undermining all that is good in our society.

Family in all its forms, is the foundation of a healthy society to remove that foundation allows society to crumble.

Children have a right to loving and caring relationships within a family unit.

Children who grow up to know and to respect family values.



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