For the sake of our children

So another report out today shows that the mental health of this countries children is at an all time high. It has risen 50% in the last three years, children who are 11 and under.

A Freedom of Information request shows the horrendous statistics, 21,125 to 31,531, of Primary school children.

Primary school staff spoke of their despair of the situation.

Children are waiting up to a year for help,

What is happening to our children?

Is anyone actually asking why this is happening, why are children suffering so badly?

We hear how social media has a lot to do with it, as indeed it does but there must be other reasons, and for me Family Breakdown has to play its part.

Children who are alienated from a parent, grandparents and all extended family are suffering Emotional Abuse.

Some of us will have had our own experiences of trying to get help for Mental Health issues, either for ourselves or for a loved one, and will have contacted a ‘Crisis’ team, I am unsure of what they class as a ‘crisis’. People who are talking about ending their lives of self harming ARE in ‘crisis’, telling someone who is feeling this way to try Mindfulness is ridiculous.

The whole Mental Health system is broken, it is not fit for purpose.

I constantly get phone calls from concerned grandparents who fear that their grandchildren are suffering abuse in all its forms but wherever they go, whoever they talk to no-one listens or takes them seriously.

The Government continue to say that they are putting goodness knows how much money into the Mental Health of our children, but still children are suffering on a daily basis.

Suggesting that staff in schools should suddenly become experts in Mental Health is ludicrous. Their job is to educate our young people not to take on yet another role of which they have no experience, it is the school staff who need help in dealing with what they are calling an acute crisis. They do an amazing job and they all great at Pastoral Care, but hearing children saying they want to end their life is beyond Pastoral Care, these children need specialist help.

Support and help is needed now not in 10 years time, in 10 years time how many children will have gone beyond ‘crisis?’

A headteacher said:

“I find it really abhorrent, there’s nothing that we can realistically do that is going to give the child the help that child needs.”





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